Who we are

We Are Curious

Years ago, we had a question: why do we have different t-shirts for climbing mountains, wearing on a nice date, under a suit, and when we’re cozy in bed?

We were curious, so we spent three years researching raw materials, fibers, yarns, fabrics, apparel technology, and pattern making. We attended trade shows, conversed with textile engineers, and unravelled the scientific literature. We also became good friends with some of the most sustainable and innovative fiber, yarn, and textile manufacturers.

We thought, with our knowledge of textiles, we would be able to find a t-shirt that we could wear everywhere, but they were all made of either cotton, synthetics, or wool and made overseas. Cotton takes an enormous amount of water and pesticides to grow, synthetics are not breathable and develop odor quickly, and wool t-shirts run hot and are not as soft as other fabrics. After not being able to find a great shirt, we decided to make our own.


We found Vial + Ivy out of a belief that one thoughtfully made garment can take the place of many poorly made ones. 

Ivan working with our Pattern Maker   

From Trees to Tees








 It took us a year to source the most sustainable and innovative fibers to engineer a custom fabric.







And a couple more months to make them into our eucalyptus tees.





For our first run, we made a custom 100% micro Terry fabric out of Tencel. Tencel is made from Eucalyptus trees and is the most sustainable fiber we found. It takes 80% less water to make Tencel than cotton, grown on responsibly managed land (no pesticides or fertilizers) and produced in a closed loop system. The result is a sustainable, beautiful fabric that is softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, and cooler than linen.


This is more than clothing, this is a mindset of experimentation and wonder

Vial + Ivy is a project rooted in our passion for curiosity and understanding. It’s about discovering the latest advancements in textiles engineering to make better products that we want to own and experience. This a mindset of experimentation and wonder that has led us to discover innovative fibers and build this brand. All while supporting our communities and respecting nature.


We believe in supporting our communities and respecting nature

All of our fabrics and clothing are engineered locally in California to support our communities. We also only use the most sustainable fibers we develop and discover. 

Here are our friends that helped us cut and sew our shirts together:

Here are our friends that helped us cut and sew our shirts together.


We put effort into deepening connections, challenging perceptions, and developing a sense of appreciation for clothing and the people who make them.

Ivan and I host Unravelled on KDVS 90.3FM, an educational community radio station in Davis, Ca. We talk with local businesses, researchers, and creatives about our love for textiles and clothing. It’s one of the only weekly radio shows focusing on textiles and clothing.

We aim to create a little more peace 

In addition, this past spring we partnered with the Global Tea Club at UC Davis to host Tea & Conversations at the UC Davis Arboretum. We served over 300 cups of tea to older adults, children, parents, travelers, locals, homeless individuals - anyone who wanted a cup of tea. This is our way of creating a little more peace.

Glass tea pot filled with lemon balm tea

Handmade clay tea pot