Simply clean clothes

Naturally Grown, Scientifically Crafted.

Zero Waste Packaging

How do we eliminate unnecessary waste in our packaging?

Our solution: a 100% biodegradable, cellulose-based package that serves as a weed barrier for your plants. 


Made in California

All production is done in Los Angeles, California to ensure ethical working conditions and support our local economy.

The Creators

Ivan Martinez in front of a mountain range

Ivan Martinez

I fell in love with learning the moment I realized I could become whatever I wanted. From then on, I set out to understand as much as possible, explore the greatest places in existence, and truly enjoy my life. I began to study Cognitive Science in order to get a more technical understanding of what goes on in our beautiful brains, yet most of the knowledge that I acquired was by simply wandering around. This helped me realize that if I enjoyed the journey rather than focusing only on where exactly I wanted to end up, everything would fall into place.

My life has become my favorite project, and everything that I create has come as a result of that. I envision sharing something great with everybody else, in hopes of igniting the fire of exploration in the minds of others.

Lawrence Kotovets

I’m a researcher in Human Development who’s interested in understanding how we can all enjoy life, what factors lead to a prosperous society, and what gets in the way.

I’m really curious about everything. Life is incredibly fascinating, and all I want to do is enjoy it with as many people as possible. There are certain people you meet in your life who’s kindness changes you, people like Ivan, who let you see the beauty of life. My hope for Vial + Ivy is to spread that kindness in a way we wouldn’t be able to do alone.